Conference Programme

Sunday 22 April 2018

9:00 - 17.00 Fine and Flavour Cocoa Forum

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15:30 General Registration

17:00 Exhibition Opens

17:15 Official Inauguration of Exhibition with welcome address (Grand Hall)

Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, Executive Director, ICCO and a representative of the German Government

17:30 – 18.45 Official Welcome Reception in the Exhibition (Grand Hall)

Monday 23 April 2018

08:30 Conference Registration and Exhibition Opens

Vision and Challenges (Maritim Room)

9:00 Official Opening of the Conference (part I)

Welcome address by the Deputy Mayor of Berlin and welcome remarks from Government representatives from around the world

10:15 Cocoa Break

10:45 Official Opening of the Conference (part II)

Personal and professional insights from a life as a female cocoa farmer

Statement by the Platinum Sponsor
Frank Mars, Member of the Board of Directors, Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Official Opening of the 4th World Cocoa Conference

11:20 An Overview of Germany’s Chocolate Industry

Stephan Nießner, Chairman, The Association of the German Confectionery Industry

11:50 Keynote Presentation - Global Market Developments

Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, Executive Director, ICCO

12:20 Introduction of the Conference Moderator

Lucas Simons, CEO, NewForesight

12:30 Lunch

(During lunch the Press Conference will take place in the Press Room)

14.00 Out-of-the box perspective on the Global Cocoa Agenda: Cathedral Thinking

Led by Rick Antonson

14:20 Panel Discussion: Sustainable Production, Prosperous Farmers and Thriving Communities

Moderator: Simran Sethi, Journalist and Fellow, Institute for Food and Development Policy

Friedel Hütz-Adams, Researcher, Südwind Institute
Arjen Boekhold, Chain Director, Tony’s Chocolonely

14:50 Panel discussion: Sustainable Industry Chain: Addressing deforestation in the cocoa supply chain

Moderator: Daniele Giovannucci, , President, Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)

Etelle Higonnet, Legal and Campaign Director, Mighty Earth
Rick Scobey, President, World Cocoa Foundation
Senior Representative, Ministry of Water and Forests, Côte d’Ivoire
Andrew Bovarnick, Global Head of the Green Commodities Programme, UNDP
Abraham Adusei, President, WCFO

15.20 Afternoon Cocoa Break

15:40 Sustainable Consumption: How Consumers Can Influence the Entire Cocoa Value Chain

The Ritter Sport Model (from Nicaragua) for Improving Cocoa and Chocolate Sales
Andreas Ronken, CEO, Ritter Sport

Moderator: Dr Torben Erbrath, Director, Association of the German Confectionery Industry - BDSI

Carolina Aguilar, Deputy Regional Director, Quality & Growth Latin America, Lutheran World Relief
Evelyn Bahn, Campaign Coordinator, Inkota

16:10 Panel Discussion: New Vision for a Sustainable Cocoa Sector from across the Value Chain


Industry representative - Nicko Debenham, VP Global Cocoa Sustainability, Barry Callebaut
Civil society representative - Antonie Fountain, Managing Director, Voice Network
Farmer representatives - Warren Sako, Secretary General, WCFO
Government Representatives to be confirmed

17.30: End of main programme

18:30 - 20:30 Women in Cocoa & Chocolate (WINCC) Forum - Berlin Room

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Deep dives into viable solutions
(Maritim Room, Berlin Room B, Berlin Room C-E, Riga Room)

Track 1: Sustainable Production, Prosperous Farmers and Thriving Communities - How can we move to a sustainable business case and a living income for farmers?
Moderated by: Simran Sethi, Journalist and Fellow, Institute for Food and Development Policy

9.00 Morning Session 

What is the actual situation of cocoa farmers (KIT study)?

Anna Laven, Senior Advisor, KIT
Patrick Esapa Enyong, President, South West Farmers’ Cooperative (SWEFCU)

How important is the farm gate cocoa price for a living income and what can be done to improve it?

Dr Annemarie Matthess, Programme Director, GIZ
Eric Ranaivosoa, Groupement des Acteurs du Cacao de Madagascar

How can we increase sustainable productivity: What are the trends in mechanization and digitalization in farming?

Manfred Borer, Advisor, PT Koltiva
Hassan Elamri, Head of Business Management Crop Protection West & central Africa, BASF
Elise Benhamou, Agronomy & Business Development Cocoa, GBU Africa, Netafim

How can we get sufficient land under production and improve land titles?

Speakers to be confirmed 

11:00 Cocoa Break

11.30 Mid-Morning Session

How can we create commercially-oriented and professional farmer-based organizations? How can we reach unorganized farmers and avoid the low-hanging fruit syndrome?

Michiel Hendriksz, Executive Director, Farmstrong Foundation
Hugh Johnson, Head of ICCFO, WCFO
Judith Steffens, Project Manager, PRO-PLANTEURS/GISCO
Victor Ganoza, Country Director, TechnoServe Peru

What are the opportunities in diversification and the alternative methods to generate additional income (a business case approach)?

Speakers include:
Richard Asare, Cocoa Agroforester, IITA
Senior Representative, World Agroforestry 

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Early Afternoon Session:

The effects of climate change and deforestation: how can farmers adapt or mitigate them?

Brigitte Laliberté, Expert on Cacao Genetic Resources, Bioversity
Petra Kollmannsberger, COO, 12Tree
Dr. Christophe Kouamé, World Agroforestry

Toussaint N’Guessan, President, WCFO

How can we create access to inputs and services? How important is access to finance?

Speakers include: 
Dirk Lebe, Deputy Program Director of the Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP), Swisscontact

15.30 Afternoon Cocoa Break

16.00 Late Afternoon Session

How can we attract the youth into cocoa farming (focusing on professionalizing young cocoa farmers, access to credit and land rights)?


Matthias Lange, Director of Policy & Programmes, International Cocoa Initiative
Young farmer from Dominican Republic/Ecuador - TBC
Frank Okyere, National Trainer of Trainers, Farmgate Foundation

How can we improve social conditions and economic development at smallholder level?

Emanuele Biraghi, ‎Corporate Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF
Abraham Adusei, President, WCFO

Human rights in cocoa communities: focus on the gender issue. How can we develop gender equity and more opportunities for women in the cocoa sector?

Senior Representative,  Oxfam America
Senior Representative, Solidaridad

How can we eliminate the worst forms of child labour in cocoa-producing countries?

Emanuele Biraghi, Corporate Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF

17.30 Closing remarks

19.30 Official Gala Dinner of WCC4 (German Historical Museum)

Track 2: Sustainable Value Chain

How can we create an efficient industry chain that more effectively links farmers to markets and ensures profitability for everyone in the whole chain?

Moderator: Daniele Giovannucci, President, Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)

9.00 Morning Session

How can we mitigate the price risk in cocoa? How can we further develop innovation in addressing price volatility, and what are examples of innovative mechanisms?

Nicolas Mounard, CEO, Farm Africa
Prof Christopher Gilbert, Bologna Institute for Policy Research, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
David Short, Sustainable Value Chains Cluster Team, Aidenvironment
Albert Scalla, Senior Vice-President, International FCStone

Is the ethical cocoa trade a myth or reality?

Speakers include:
Eric Garnier, Choba Choba

11.00 Morning Cocoa Break

11.30 Mid-Morning Session

Could commodity exchanges trading cocoa based in producing countries improve volatility and stabilize cocoa prices?

Prof Christopher Gilbert, Adjunct Professor, Bologna Institute for Policy Research, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Will increased origin processing impact trade and increase profitability in origin countries? What are the opportunities for small-scale cocoa processing?

Francesca Kleemans, Global Director Cocoa Product Lines, Cargill

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Early Afternoon Session:

How can we create traceability in our supply chains? What are the technological advances and breakthroughs?

Arjen Thiescheffer, Director, COCOANECT
Taco Terheijden, 
Director of Sustainability, Cargill

15.30 Afternoon Cocoa Break

19.30 Official Gala Dinner of WCC4 (German Historical Museum)

Track 3: Sustainable Consumption

How do we ensure continuous and growing demand for sustainably produced cocoa and cocoa-based products? 
Moderator: Torben Erbrath, Director, BDSI, Association of the German Confectionery Industry

9.30 Morning Session 

What is the global demand and supply balance and what are the emerging new markets?

Dr Edward George, Head of Group Research, Ecobank
Steve Wateridge, Managing Partner, Tropical Research
Eric Bergman, Trader, Jenkins Sugar Group

Exploring certification and its challenges

Han de Groot, CEO, Rainforest Alliance
Fuzz Kitto, Co-Director, Stop the Traffik

How to stimulate consumption?

Senior Representative, GISCO

11.00 Morning Cocoa Break

11.30 Mid-Morning Session

How powerful is marketing in influencing demand?

What is the effect of consumption promotion schemes in countries of origin?

Guilherme Moura, Vice President, Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Early Afternoon Session

What role can retailers play in influencing the growing demand for sustainably-produced cocoa?

Florian Schütze, Head of CSR, Lidl

What are the new markets for healthy cocoa products and how can we market them?

15.30 Afternoon Cocoa Break

16.00 Late Afternoon Session

How will innovative cocoa-based recipes shape future demand?

Martin Christy, Director, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting 

What is the secret of producing the best chocolate?

Samantha Aquim, Q Chocolate - Brazil
Jose Vicente Franceschi, Casa Franceschi - Venezuela

What is the impact of sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures on the cocoa supply chain?

Alice Costa, CAOBISCO

17.30 Closing remarks

19.30 Official Gala Dinner of WCC4 (German Historical Museum)


Track 4: Sustainable Management
How do we create the right enabling environment to make the whole sector more sustainable?
Moderator: Lucas Simons,
CEO, NewForesight

9.30 Morning Session

What is the role of industry and governments and multistakeholder platforms in facilitating the enabling environment?

Urs Furrer, Director, Chocosuisse
Rick Scobey, President, World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)
Leif Pedersen, Senior Commodities Advisor, UNDP Green Commodities Program
Wolf Kropp-Büttner, Chairman, GISCO

Financial service providers in cocoa: What are the latest tools available to assist cocoa farmers and their governments?

Claudia Huber, Independent Expert, Dev-Impact

11.00 Morning Cocoa Break

11.30 Mid-Morning Session

What is the GCA framework and how do we activate it?

Will Saab, Consultant, Newforesight

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Early Afternoon

The missing link of extension services: how can we better facilitate the transfer of science to farmers?

Dr. Stephan Brunner, Global Key Relation Manager, Bayer

How do we optimize farmer protection?

Suzan-Hermina Yemidi, Programme Coordinator, Solidaridad

15.30 Afternoon Cocoa Break

16.00 Late Afternoon Session

How do we bring about good production management policies and what are their effects in producing countries? 

Dr Niek Koning, Researcher, WUR
Phil Sigley, CEO, Federation of Cocoa Commerce
Regis Meritan, Head of the Sector, DEVCO – European Commission

17.30 Closing remarks

19.30 Official Gala Dinner of WCC4 (German Historical Museum)


Wednesday 25 April 2018

Next steps and the way forward
(Maritim Room)

9:00 Update on the implementation of the Global Cocoa Agenda (Bavaro Declaration, 2016)

9:20 Panel discussion: New Vision – The Way Forward

Hosted by moderators of the 4 tracks and panelists of the discussion “New vision for a sustainable cocoa sector from across the value chain”

Speakers include:
- Napoleon Abalaka, Director, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Nigeria
- Government representatives
- Industry representatives
- Development partners 

10:00 Cocoa farmers working with consumers groups to change the perception of cocoa as an unhealthy/unsafe crop/food

Speakers: TBA

10.30 Cocoa Break

Including a guided tasting of samples of chocolate from experts from the Fine and Flavour Forum 11.00 Presentation on Key Performance Indicators

11:20 Report from the Fine Flavour Forum

11:30 Report from the Women in Cocoa Forum

11:40 Report on the outcome of the International Symposium on Cocoa Research held in Peru in November 2017

12:00 Cocoa as a superfood: nutritional value of cocoa

The dawn of “safe chocolate”: Eliminating sugar in cocoa products by using cocoa de-bittered with coca leaves

Gregory Aharonian, President, Kukaxoco

Ruby Cocoa and chocolate (Barry Callebaut): Its potential and market share

Bas Smit, Head of Global Marketing, Barry Callebaut

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Remarks by Special Guest (Speaker: TBA)

14:45 The Berlin Declaration: Presentation of the Recommendations of WCC4 and adoption by the Conference

(Speaker: TBA)

15:15 Closing Remarks by the ICCO Executive Director, Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, followed by the Official Announcement of the host city for the Fifth World Cocoa Conference (WCC5) in 2020

15:30 Closing Remarks by the Host Government - Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

15:45 Closing of the Conference (tastings of speciality chocolate in the Exhibition area)


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