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Key Themes

The aim of the World Cocoa Conference is to agree action to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all stakeholders in the value chain – on an economic, social and environmental level.

You will be able to identify new opportunities based on analysis of:

Increasing farmer incomes. Ensuring that cocoa farmers have the incentives and resources to produce the quantity and quality of cocoa needed to meet consumer demand is fundamental. The World Cocoa Conference is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to address this issue.

Ensuring sustainable demand. How will the high growth markets of India and China develop in the coming years? And how can manufacturers differentiate products – and leverage the health benefits of cocoa – to boost demand in mature markets?

Global trade outlook. Assess the short and medium term prospects for cocoa trade, with the latest intelligence on production levels in the key producing regions as well as changes in demand patterns around the world.

Improving farming methods. The challenges facing cocoa farming are well known, but you can see how major producing countries and chocolate manufacturers are working to address them. Hear about projects to improve plant stocks and access to fertilizer, crop protection and knowledge to increase productivity.

Supporting an efficient cocoa trade. Examine changes in the mechanisms which facilitate global trade including derivatives contracts and risk management, financing, insurance, shipping and logistics.


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