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Jean-Marc Anga
Executive Director, ICCO

Frank Mars
Member of the Board of Directors, Mars, Incorporated

Stephan Nießner 
Chairman, The Association of the German Confectionery Industry

Lucas Simons
CEO, NewForesight

Leif Pedersen
Senior Commodities Advisor, UNDP Green Commodities Program

Alice Costa

Wolf Kropp-Büttner
Chairman, GISCO

Hubert Weber,
President Europe
Mondel─ôz International

Martin Christy
Director, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting

Albert Scalla
Senior Vice-President, International FCStone

Steve Wateridge
Managing Partner, Tropical Research

Fuzz Kitto
Co-Director, Stop the Traffik

Antonie Fountain
Managing Director, Voice Network

Eric Bergman
Trader, Jenkins Sugar Group

Hassan Elamri
Head of Business Management Crop Protection West & Central Africa, BASF

Patrick Esapa Enyong
President, South West Farmers’ Cooperative (SWEFCU)

Rick Scobey
President, World Cocoa Foundation

Eric Ranaivosoa
Groupement des Acteurs du Cacao de Madagascar

Gregory Aharonian
President, Kukaxoco

Abraham Adusei
President, WCFO

Matthias Lange
Director of Policy & Programmes, International Cocoa Initiative

Urs Furrer
Director, Chocosuisse

Hugh Johnson

Judith Steffens

Rick Antonson

Dr Annemarie Matthess
Programme Director, GIZ

Will Saab
Consultant, NewForesight

Victor Ganoza
Country Director, TechnoServe Peru

Frank Okyere
National Trainer of Trainers, Farmgate Foundation

Richard Asare
Cocoa Agroforester, IITA

Guilherme Moura
Vice President, Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock

Anna Laven
Senior Advisor, KIT

Warren Sako
Secretary General, WCFO

Evelyn Bahn
Campaign Coordinator, Inkota

Michiel Hendriksz
Executive Director, Farmstrong Foundation

Manfred Borer
Advisor, PT Koltiva

Prof Christopher Gilbert
Adjunct Professor,
Bologna Institute for Policy Research, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Andrew Bovarnick,
Global Head of the Green Commodities Programme, UNDP

Petra Kollmannsberger
COO, 12Tree

Bas Smit
Head of Global Marketing, Barry Callebaut

Regis Meritan
Head of the Sector, DEVCO – European Commission

Daniele Giovannucci
President, Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA)

Etelle Higonnet
Legal and Campaign Director, Mighty Earth

Dr Edward George
Head of Group Research, Ecobank

Julia Manetsberger

Emanuele Biraghi
Corporate Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF

Brigitte Laliberté
Expert on Cacao Genetic Resources, Bioversity International

Claudia Huber
Independent Expert, Dev-Impact

Friedel Hütz-Adams
Researcher, Südwind Institute

Samantha Aquim
Q Chocolate - Brazil

Toussaint N’Guessan
President, WCFO

Eric Garnier,
Co-Founder, Choba Choba

Han de Groot, CEO
Rainforest Alliance

Prof Christopher Gilbert
Bologna Institute for Policy Research, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Napoleon Abalaka
Director, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Nigeria

Arjen Boekhold
Chain Director, Tony’s Chocolonely

Phil Sigley, CEO
Federation of Cocoa Commerce

David Short
Sustainable Value Chains Cluster Team, Aidenvironment

Carolina Aguilar
Deputy Regional Director, Quality & Growth Latin America, Lutheran World Relief

Taco Terheijden
Director of Sustainability, Cargill

Arjen Thiescheffer

Francesca Kleemans
Global Director Cocoa Product Lines, Cargill

Emanuele Biraghi
Corporate Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF

Dirk Lebe
Deputy Program Director of the Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP), Swisscontact

Nicko Debenham
VP Global Cocoa Sustainability, Barry Callebaut

Simran Sethi
Journalist and Fellow, Institute for Food and Development Policy

Elise Benhamou
Agronomy & Business Development Cocoa, GBU Africa, Netafim

Rick Scobey
President, World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

Abraham Adusei,
President, WCFO

Torben Erbrath
Director, Association of the German Confectionery Industry - BDSI

Niek Koning
Researcher, WUR

Nicolas Mounard
CEO, Farm Africa

Suzan-Hermina Yemidi
Programme Coordinator, Solidaridad

Jose Vicente Franceschi
Casa Franceschi - Venezuela

Christophe Kouamé
World Agroforestry

Andreas Ronken
CEO, Ritter Sport

Florian Schütze
Head of CSR, Lidl

Stephan Brunner,
Global Key Relation Manager, Bayer
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